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Tryout Updates

Tryout Update: 


There will be NO Mite Call backs 

Squirt Callbacks will take place Monday 3/30 at 5pm and 6pm - Callback list will be posted today so please be on the lookout for that 

PeeWee Callbacks will take place Tuesday 3/31 at 6pm and 7pm - Callback list will be posted today so please be on the lookout for that 

Bantam Callbacks will take place - Date and Time TBD ASAP 

National Bound U16 Callbacks will take place - Monday 3/30 at 7pm -Callback list will be posted today so please be on the lookout for that 


Again be on the lookout for callback lists today and tomorrow posted on the website - Look for the TAB on the Top of the Page Labeled - TRYOUT CALLBACKS 

More information to come regarding other teams. 



by posted 03/28/2015
Jamboree Champs


Congrats to the 2015 Jamboree Champs 


Mite House - Granite City 

Squirt House - Keohanes 

Middle School - Braintree Co-op 


     Thank you all the players, coaches and parents for a great

 House League year at each level.

by posted 03/22/2015
Jamboree Championships

3/21 - Saturday Night


5:30pm - Mite Championship Game:

Granite City vs Medeiros

Mite Consolation Game:       

Joe Finn vs Paul Harold


6:40pm - Hayes Dream Squirt Championship Game:

Keohanes vs Quincy Sun *

*There was a 3 way tie between Keohanes, Quincy Sun and Burgin Platner

Tie breaker went to Head to Head first

Then Goals Against and when we went to GA that eliminated Burgin Platner


7:50pm - Middle School Championship Game 

               #1 Atlantic Division Seed  vs.  #1 Broad Meadows Division Seed




by posted 03/20/2015
Program Map for age levels

Quincy Youth Hockey

Breakdown of Options for each age Level

2015-2016 Season

Click to View in Google Docs

Girls/Boys born 2007 and 2008


Mite House League(Practice and a Game a Week)

Mite Travel(Practice/Skill and a Game a Week)     


Girls Only: U10 Girls* (Practice/Skill and a Game a week)

Girls/Boys born 2005 and 2006


Squirt House League (Practice and a Game a Week)

Squirt Travel ( Practice/ Skill and a Game a Week)     


Girls Only:     U10 Girls*

Girls/Boys born 2003 and 2004


Middle School League ( Practice and a Game a Week)

PeeWee Travel ( Practice/ Skill and a Game a Week)     


Girls Only:     U14 Girls

Girls/Boys born 2002


Middle School League ( Practice and a Game a Week)

Bantam Travel ( Practice/ Skill and a Game a Week)

U14 ( Half Season -Practice and 2 Games a Week)     


Girls Only:     U14 Girls

Girls/Boys born 2001


Presidents League** - Must be in High School to Play (Practice and a Game a Week)

Bantam Travel ( Practice/ Skill and a Game a Week)

U14 ( Half Season -Practice and 2 Games a Week)     


Girls Only:     U14 Girls

Girls/Boys born 1999 and 2000


Presidents League** ( Practice and a Game a Week)

Midget Travel***( Half Season- Sept. - Nov. -Practice and a Game a Week)

U16 ( Half Season Aug. - Nov -Practice and 2 Games a Week)     


Girls Only:     U19 Girls

Girls/Boys born 1998 and 1997


Presidents League** ( Practice and a Game a Week)

Midget Travel*** ( Half Season- Sept. - Nov. -Practice and a Game a Week)

U18 ( Half Season Aug. - Nov -Practice and 2 Games a Weekend)     


Girls Only:     U19 Girls

* Girls U10: - Free Tryout - see schedule for time and dates -  with so many girls in the mite program this year we want to start the girls program early with the hopes we can continue to grow the program for the future.

Any Questions please contact: Matt Gibbons -


**Presidents League: Practice once a week and games every Sunday Morning at QYA.  It is typically a 12 team league made up of High School Players from different nearby town programs. The idea behind the league is to give an option to those kids who may not play hockey in high school, may have been cut by their high school team or someone who just wants a extra place to play before, during and after high school season. Quincy entered 1 team last season, depending on the number of sign ups Quincy could have 2 teams entered. Sign up ASAP


***Midget Travel: Plays a half season in the South Shore Conference - This is a team you tryout for -  please see Tryout Schedule for dates and times. Players could be cut from this team depending on the number of kids trying out.


Any Questions on either team please contact the league coordinator -

Tim Walsh

by posted 03/17/2015
Bantam B State Champs !!!!

2014 - 2015 Bantam B State Champions  QUINCY !!!!

by posted 03/15/2015




Again please be aware if you owe a balance from last year you need to take care of this in the Hockey Office before you can Register for next season




Any questions/concerns please contact the hockey office 

by posted 03/10/2015
Tryout Schedule and More ....

Jamboree Schedule is posted  - check your teams page for individual schedule  Or click on the Master Schedule for a list of all the games 

The link below is the Tryout Schedule - Please Review 

TRYOUT SCHEDULE              

Just a couple important notes: 

Click to download the TRYOUT PROCESS or see the post below to view 

GIRLS U10: Is a free skate (no tryout fee) 

We are a looking to run a U10 girls program( waiver up 07' and 08') 

So we are asking all girls age 10 and under to come out and skate - even if you think you wouldn't be interested in playing travel hockey. 

We will have a meeting with parents during the skate on Monday 3/23 at 6pm 

Again any girl 10 or under please come and parents please come upstairs in the warm room at 6pm for a meeting on the girls program. 

Registration will OPEN ONLINE Monday night 3/9 - All registrations will be done ONLINE this year 

If you need access to a computer you can always Register in the Hockey Office - During the Jamboree 


Reminder we are looking for Coaches for the 2015-2016 season Click here for a Coaches Application 


Any Questions please contact the hockey office 


by posted 03/08/2015
Tryout Process
Quincy Youth Hockey - Tryout Process 
Once teams are announced all placements are finalized. Contacting the Director of Hockey, the Age Level Coordinator, or other members of the QYH board will not change your child’s placement.
Placement on 2014/15 team does not set placement for 2015/16. Players progress at different pace and with the 2 year age range in hockey – who they are trying out against changes dramatically each year.
Returning players to an age level are not guaranteed a spot on their current team. Ex: PW A or Bantam A level player could be placed on a B team if they are not viewed by the evaluators to be one of the top 15 skaters in their age group for tryouts regardless of their current placement.
Travel team tryouts will be open to all players upon the fulfillment or registration requirements. Each player is required to register and pay a non-refundable registration/tryout fee.
Registrations will be accepted up to and including the first day of tryouts. After the first tryout session, players may not be allowed to register and tryout.
Tryout Process
The tryout process has been designed and developed by the QYH Board of Directors to achieve fair, impartial, accurate player evaluations. Tryout coordinators and evaluators are volunteers putting in a huge amount of time and personal commitment to ensure that the process is carried out in a consistent manner. The Board recognizes that tryouts inherently cause a great deal of anxiety among the participants. Any QYH player or parent who has further questions should feel free to contact the
Director of Hockey. Of course, we strongly discourage any contact with either the Tryout Coordinator or the Evaluators by parents during the tryout process as it presents a clear conflict of interest. We ask that you respect the process. The Director of Hockey will be available throughout the whole tryout process if any questions need to be addressed.
We understand that there will be scheduling conflicts. We ask that parents send an email to the Director of Hockey detailing any conflict that your player may have. Each case will be assessed by the Director of Hockey. We will use all information at our disposal to make a reasonable placement decision based on the facts of each individual’s situation. A player must attend at least one session of the tryouts in order to be placed on a team for the subsequent year. It is strongly encouraged that players attend all of their scheduled sessions. The QYH Board approval is required for a player to be placed on a team without having attended a single tryout session. The Board and Director of Hockey will review each specific situation and make a fair and equitable decision based on the circumstances.
Tryout Coordinator(s) are responsible for the tryout process of a specific level, Midgets, Bantams, Pee Wees, Squirts, Mites. Tryout Coordinators are responsible management of the evaluation process. The Board of Directors and the Director of Hockey are responsible for assembling Evaluators and On-Ice Instructors to run the tryout in accordance with the approved procedure. Evaluators and On-Ice Instructors are chosen based on their experience in the game of hockey and their demonstrated coaching ability. The Tryout Coordinator will not have a child trying out at the age group they are running.
There will be 3 to 5 evaluators chosen based on several components including their playing experience, coaching experience, and ability to fairly and independently evaluate players.
Evaluators rate players on a variety of skills depending on the level. Please see Player Assessment Methodology.
Tryout Timing and Sessions
There will generally be three separate skating sessions for player evaluation; however the actual number may vary based on the total projected number of players per age level, as well as the ice time available for the tryouts in a given year.
QYH uses number pinnies to identify and keep track of players during tryouts. Evaluators will be rating players by the number on their pinny.
In order to maximize use of ice time, all players should be ready 10 minutes prior to session
  • · 1st Session – Groups will be split by players birth year.
o This session will consist of a predetermined mix of skill based drills, small ice and full ice games. This is designed to separate the players based on their fundamental ability.
  • · 2nd Session – Players will be split into 2 or 3 groups based on results of the evaluators’ assessment from Session 1.
o The 2nd Session will be a mix of skill based drills and a variety of small area games, including but not limited to 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, or full ice 5 vs. 5. Small area games allow evaluators to see many skills including: skating ability, edges, puck control, passing, shooting, speed, stops, starts, turns, tenacity, and effort.
Placement in any group during any of tryout session is NOT final. Each Player can showcase their ability and all player have the continued chance to move up or down in following sessions
  • · 3rd Session – Some players may will be asked to come back for a 3rd session. Players will be split into 2 or 3 groups based on results of the evaluators’ assessment from Session 2.
o The 3rd Session will consist of mostly of full ice scrimmages
o Final selections will be made after 3rd Tryout.
Player Assessment Methodology
Skills to be assessed:
  • · Skating - Stride, Edges, Speed, Crossovers, Forwards & Backward Skating
  • · Puck Skills - Puck Handling, Shooting, Passing, Control
  • · Game Sense - Playing Position, Getting Open, Play Making
  • · Effort – Small Battles, Fore-check, Back-check, Overall Aggressiveness
  • · Coach Evaluation - Team Rank, Effort, Attendance, & Coaches Comments
Note: The number of goals a player scores during scrimmage play does not necessarily mean he/she will receive high ratings for that tryout session. Ratings are based on overall skill, performance and knowledge of the game. All of the factors listed above contribute to the overall rating. The same holds true for physical play. Body checking (allowed at bantam and midget level) and aggressiveness are but two of a myriad of factors to be considered. Encouraging your son/daughter to play more physically aggressive than would be the norm or appropriate for game like situations or to focus only scoring goals will not be advantageous to their rating.
Coaches’ evaluations will be reviewed when distinguishing between equally ranked players or to reconcile inconsistencies in the player rankings. In addition, dedication to QYH has always been a priority. Commitment levels, as measured by attendance at practices as well as games, may influence team placement. Likewise, behavior, sportsmanship, and other relevant information from current coaches will be considered in the placement decision. If 2 players are being considered for the last spot on the same team and both have been evaluated and determined to be of equal skill, the 2nd year player will be placed ahead of the younger player.
Teams will be formed with the unanimous consent of committee members voting on each team. The 1st team will be filled from players ranked 1 to 15 (or total player count for the team in question) and each subsequent team will be filled in the same manner. The number and size of teams fielded at each level will determined by number of players registered.
We recognize that every player is unique and his or her development curve may jump ahead or lag behind his or her peers. With this in mind, the Tryout Committee will try to acknowledge the forward progress of each skater for the next season, but in some instances, that will not be possible and a player may remain stationary or in some instances drop back. Player placement is not lockstep from year-to-year.
Every effort will be made to have the best possible Head Coach available to coach each team. The selection of a Head Coach will occur ONLY after teams have been formed.
Absent or Injured Player Policy
When a player is absent or injured and not able to any of the tryouts: A player staying at the same age level will be placed no lower than their current team and maybe placed on a higher team if the tryout evaluators feel there is clear evidence from the coaches evaluations that the player should be on a higher team. If a player is moving up in age level, they will be placed on a team at least one level lower than the current team(examples: squirt b1 move to pw b2 or b3). The team placement will be made by the evaluators based on coaches evaluation and where similar ranked players from their team were placed, but will not be on the same level or higher level team. If a player becomes sick or injured during the tryout process and only misses part of the tryout will be placed based on the data already gathered by evaluators (both their observations during the players time trying out and coaches feedback).
Post Tryouts
After tryouts QYH will post teams on the Quincy Youth Website( The Board of Directors will consider roster additions to the team determined appropriate given a player's skills and ONLY if the existing roster size permits an addition. In some instances, this may mean QYH will be unable to accommodate a player after tryouts. In which case QYH will try to accommodate those players with the opportunity with the ability to be an alternate for a team. The Player(s) would be able to partake in skills and team practices with the ability to play for team if the need arises.
The Board has created what it believes to be a fair process that relies on good, thoughtful, and fair people doing the best they can. Please do not attempt to contact evaluators or coaches during the tryout process, as that type of communication undermines the integrity of the process.
Help you child be ready and give his/her best effort all throughout the tryout process. Encourage them to play hard and have fun.
If you have a question about where you child was placed please contact the Board of Directors.

by posted 03/07/2015
Coaches Application

QYH is looking for Coaches for the upcoming 2015-2016 Season 


Please submit your application by March 31st to the Hockey Office or email it to 


Click to download Coaches Application 

by posted 03/02/2015

The QYH $10,000 2nd Annual Fundraiser was a great success! The Tirrell Room was filled with over 200 hockey parents and friends of the program.  Ten winning numbers split the $10,000 Grand Prize.  But everyone else didn’t go home empty-handed. The 10 “Lucky Losing Numbers”, 32 raffles and 15 silent auction winners won fabulous gifts and prizes.  Once again, over $25,000 was raised for Quincy Youth Hockey.  Thank you to all of the travel teams who donated such creative baskets and all of the local businesses, people and organizations that donated items.  It wouldn't have been a success without you.

You might wonder why a fundraiser of this size is necessary.  As a self-sustaining organization, QYH is responsible for all of the day to day operations of the arena and running of the hockey program.  When capital upgrades are needed (or when there is five feet of snow on the roof) we are responsible for all of those costs.  The fundraiser allows us to maintain operations as well as keep tuition costs down (if you didn’t know yet, there is no tuition increase for the 2015-2016 season!) Most importantly, the fundraiser gives the QYH family a chance to hang-out and celebrate this great organization.

Next year, we anticipate including the $100 ticket payment in tuition costs so you don’t have to be chased down by the crazy man with the red case. If you have comments, suggestions or constructive criticism on the fundraiser or any other topic, please let us know.  You can contact any board member via email through the QYH website.   We all continue to strive to make QYH successful and welcome your thoughts.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Quincy Youth Hockey!

by posted 03/02/2015
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